when people say “homestuck is boring” i say

did u get to the part where that kid on the first page’s ectobiological sister’s alternate scratched timeline grandpa stands before an erupting volcano with his jacket blowing in the wind wearing a helmet shaped like the main villain and kisses the decapitated head of the first kid’s best friend’s brother but actually father’s alternate scratched timeline self?






one thing people overlook is the fact teachers can be extremely abusive if they want, and easily get away with it. im a victim of bullying and humiliation by teachers, and i know for a fact it can be damaging. it sucks, but it’s more common than you think. if you are someone who has been treated poorly by a professor or teacher, just know you aren’t alone and your anger is completely justified, yo

I get really emotional whenever this comes up, because teachers always seem to get a pass when it comes to discussing flaws in the public education system. I understand completely that they are doing a tremendous service for the community. I get that they are underpaid and often unappreciated, but that doesn’t give them a pass to be abusive towards their pupils.

It really frustrates me how whenever students make complaints about their teachers, they are accused of exaggerating, or making it up because “that’s just what kids do.” Adults assume that students will complain about any teacher that makes them work hard, and I think that’s why abusive behavior is so often overlooked. I didn’t get diagnosed with ADHD until I reached High School. Before that, I was often accused of lying or laziness when I forgot or misplaced an assignment. One occasion stands out; when I felt confident that I had turned in an assignment my teacher refused to double check because according to her I didn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Over the years, experiences like that wear on you. Even worse, I’m told that all the shit that I got was justified because my teachers didn’t know about my condition. I’m told that I should simply blame my resulting anxiety and depression on the faulty school system and leave out the teachers.

I’ve had some really fucking great teachers.Teachers, that I felt comfortable with, and that were extremely patient with my many fuck-ups. Teachers can be great, but it only takes one bad one to fuck-up someone’s entire year, and the thing is:

  • Abusive teachers won’t abuse all their students
  • Abusive teachers can even be great to most of their students
  • If they openly mock and ridicule a select few students that is still fucking bullying
  • Calling on students just to watch them fuck up is still bullying
  • Singling out and humiliating a student in front of their classmates for not knowing an answer, or not finishing an assignment is bullying
  • Criticizing a student’s appearance is bullying
  • Telling students that for whatever reason they are less than their classmates is bullying
  • Bullying won’t always occur in front of the class

This behavior in schools needs to stop, and I doubt it ever will.

dude im really sorry to hear that happened to you, but you’re totally right.

and the list you made? i’ve had teachers do every single one of those things to me many times. i was to young to understand it was wrong and took it and kept quiet about it for the longest time. that was my biggest issue tbh. i never spoke up before the damage was one.

please pay attention to this dude’s story and what he says.

teachers are Horrible sometimes, and do horrible things to their students of all ages. they are not perfect or excused from being a decent human being just because of their job or position of authority. if one is abusing you emotionally or even physically? Tell someone. speak up. make sure you’re heard. don’t think you Deserve it because they’re who they are, because you don’t at all. humiliating is a common occurrence when a teacher decides to bully one or more students and that isn’t okay, either.

if you’ve had it happening, im sorry. if you are having it happen or see it happening to another person? don’t stay quiet about it. and don’t think they have a right to treat you or anyone else like that, yo. they do Not.